June 2022, Preliminary

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Monthly spot LNG prices for delivery to Japan for June 2022, preliminary figures


Contracted Month May 2022 (Confirmed) June 2022 (Preliminary)
Contract-based price 31.1 23.3
Arrival-based price


The average price of spot LNG cargoes for delivery to Japan contracted in June 2022 and scheduled to be delivered from the month onward (contract-based price) was USD 23.3/MBtu. The average price of spot LNG cargoes that were contracted and delivered to Japan with the month of June 2022 (arrival-based price) was not disclosed.
The confirmed figures for May 2022 were not changed from the preliminary figures, with the contract-based price at USD 31.1/MBtu and the arrival-based price was not disclosed.

(Next publication scheduled on 9 August 2022)


  • We conduct a survey on spot LNG prices for delivery to Japan with the cooperation of companies that are end-consumers of spot LNG for the following two items: 1) expected month of the arrival and 2) contracted price (USD/MBtu).
  • ”Spot LNG” means LNG that is traded on a cargo-by-cargo basis and does not have term conditions. If spot LNG prices are linked to other indices, such as Henry Hub or JKM, that LNG cargos are excluded.
  • If the delivery condition is CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) or FOB (Free On Board) basis, the price should be converted into the equivalent DES (Delivered Ex Ship) basis that takes into account the premium and freight.
  • Prices in the table are the simple average (rounded to the first decimal place) of all contract-based (or arrival-based) prices of spot LNG in Japan (not weighted averages).
  • The preliminary figure is made based on the information collected between the 1st to 4th business days of each month following each survey month. The confirmed figure is published at the same time as the publication of the preliminary figure of the following month if any mistakes are found in the period leading up to the publication of the preliminary figure of the following month.
  • We can publish the price of the spot LNG only in the cases where there are two or more companies that imported spot LNG. If there is only one company or none at all, we will not publish a price.